SafeTrader provides a safe way to buy & sell

SafeTrader should be used for Trade Me transactions once you have arrived at a price, and need a safe way to conduct the exchange of goods and money.

Pricing starts at $4.95 per transaction. (Review our fees).

Note: Never pay by Western Union or other non-traceable methods.
We only accept payment into our ASB account.

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How SafeTrader works...

How SafeTrader Works
  1. The buyer and the seller register on SafeTrader and agree the details of their transaction
  2. The buyer pays SafeTrader the purchase price of the goods. SafeTrader holds this money in a secure ASB Trust Account
  3. The seller is instructed to ship the goods using an approved courier and to record the tracking number so we know they have been shipped
  4. The buyer receives, signs for and inspects the goods - making sure they match what they purchased
  5. SafeTrader pays the seller - transaction completed