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Buyer's guide

As a buyer, SafeTrader protects you from:
  1. The seller not sending the goods
  2. The seller sending different goods than those you thought you purchased
  3. The seller saying they sent the goods - when they did not
Beware of sellers that are reluctant to use an escrow service and insist on payment before they send you the goods. Make sure you insist on using an escrow service to protect yourself.

The SafeTrader process relies on email as a way to keep the buyer and seller informed at all steps of the process. Please ensure you check your email at least once a day if you are involved in a SafeTrader escrow transaction.

The Process

Registration - We need to get some personal information from you (view our privacy statement) when you register. This information will ensure the seller ships the goods to the correct address.

Start a transaction - To start a transaction you will need to know the email address of the seller. The seller needs to be registered with SafeTrader before you can start a transaction. The seller may also start the transaction, but you will need to register before they can do so. SafeTrader requires the following information to start a transaction:
Modifying the transaction - Once the transaction has been entered, both the buyer and seller need to agree the details. If the seller modifies the detail of the transaction, you will be notified by email and required to agree the new details before the transaction can proceed. Once both parties agree, the transaction is committed and cannot be further modified.

Buyer pays SafeTrader -You will need to transfer funds to SafeTrader. SafeTrader will hold the funds in a trust account where they will be held until the transaction is successfully completed. You need to ensure that the transaction number is printed on the cheque you send, or appears in the caption on our bank statement. Your bank will allow you to enter a caption against the funds transfer. Once payment is received (and is cleared, in the case of cheques), the seller will be told to ship the goods. Paying by cheque will delay the process until the cheque funds have cleared (around 5 business days), so payment by bank transfer or Bill Payment is preferred.

Receive Goods - The goods will be delivered to you by courier. You must sign for the goods. Once you have received the goods, you have the inspection period to either accept, or reject the goods. The seller will be paid if you accept the goods, or if you do not notify SafeTrader that you intend to reject the goods within the agreed inspection period.

Rejecting the Goods

The buyer is permitted to reject the goods for one of two reasons:
  1. The goods are damaged
  2. The goods are not what you thought you had purchased
Rejecting the goods because of damage
If you wish to reject the goods because of damage, you must notify SafeTrader within the agreed inspection period. You will be required to give a detailed description of the nature and extent of the damage. The seller will then be asked whether the damage was pre-existing (was there before it was sent) or not. If the seller acknowledges that damage is pre-existing (i.e. the goods are still in their original condition), then you should follow the process for rejecting the goods for reasons other than damage, outlined below. If the seller claims the damage was not pre-existing (i.e. the damage occurred in transit), then the seller will be required to file an insurance claim with the carrier.

If an insurance claim is being lodged, DO NOT RETURN THE GOODS TO THE SELLER. You should keep the goods in the same condition as they arrived, so that the courier company can inspect them, as part of the insurance claim investigation process.

Rejecting the goods for reasons other than damage
You may reject the goods on this basis if they are not what you expected. If you wish to reject the goods you must notify SafeTrader within the agreed inspection period. You will then be instructed to return the goods to the seller. You need to ensure you meet the postal requirements, including getting a track-and-trace number. You are responsible for meeting the full costs of returning the goods to the seller. Once the seller receives and accepts the goods, your money will be refunded by SafeTrader.

New Software
Sofware purchased in the original packaging may only be rejected and returned if the packaging and shrink-wrap is left in its original condition. The removal of the original packaging is deemed wilful damage to the goods. Buyers who remove any original packaging will forfeit their ability to receive a refund.

If you have further question on the buyer process, please refer to the frequently asked questions.