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Seller's guide

As a seller, SafeTrader protects you from fraudulent buyers, and helps to establish you as a trustworthy seller - preventing the potential stale-mate that can occur when you are unable to physically meet with the buyer to conduct the exchange.

SafeTrader also protects sellers of new software or other shrink wrapped goods, like CD's. The buyer does not have the ability to remove the shrink wrap, copy the contents, and return the disk for a refund.

The SafeTrader process relies on email as a way to keep the buyer and seller informed at all steps of the process. Please ensure you check your email at least once a day if you are involved in a SafeTrader transaction.

The Process

Registration - We need to get some personal information from you (view our privacy statement) when you register. This information ensures we have your correct address to send our payment to.

Starting a transaction - To start a transaction you will need to know the email address of the buyer. The buyer needs to be registered with SafeTrader before you can start a transaction. The buyer may also start the transaction, but you will need to be registered first. SafeTrader requires the following information to start a transaction:
  • Details of the goods, including the purchase price
  • The cost of postage & packaging, and who is paying it
  • Detail of who is paying the SafeTrader fee
  • The length of the inspection period

Agreeing and modifying the transaction information - Once the transaction has been started, both the buyer and seller need to agree the details of the transaction. If the buyer modifies the detail of the transaction, you will be notified and required to agree the modified details. Once both parties agree the transaction, it can no longer be modified.

Ship the goods/ Enter tracking number - Once the buyer has paid the money into the SafeTrader trust account you will be notified to ship the goods. You need to ensure that the goods are shipped to meet all of the postal requirements. In particular, you need to ensure that you receive a valid track-and-trace number and that your package requires a signature on delivery. You will need to enter this number into SafeTrader to prove you have shipped the goods.

Once the goods are delivered and the buyer accepts them, you will be paid by SafeTrader (by direct credit or cheque) and the transaction is complete. If the inspection period expires, and the buyer has failed to act (accept or reject the goods), payment will be released to you (the seller) regardless.

Goods Rejection Process

If the buyer rejects the goods within the inspection period, there are two possible reasons:
  1. The goods are damaged
  2. The goods are not what the buyer was expecting
If the buyer rejects the goods because of damage
If the buyer rejects the goods because of damage, they will need to give a detailed description as to the nature and extent of the damage. SafeTrader will notify you, and ask you to decide whether the damage described was pre-existing (i.e. the goods are in their original condition), or whether it is new damage that has occured in transit. If the damage was pre-exisitng, the buyer is required to return the goods to you and meet the full costs of returning the goods. The buyer must use the return address that you have registered with SafeTrader. If the damage described was not pre-existing, then it is assumed to have occurred in transit and you will be required to lodge an insurance claim with the carrier.

When the buyer rejects the goods for reasons other than damage
The buyer may reject the goods for reasons other than damage - i.e. they are not what they expected. Although this occurs rarely, the buyer will be required to return the goods to you, and meet all costs of returning the goods. When you receive the goods back from the seller, you must sign for them. You will then be given the length of the agreed inspection period to notify SafeTrader whether the goods have been returned in their original condition. If you accept the return of the goods, the buyer will be refunded the full amount of the money held in Trust, and charged the entire escrow fee.

If the goods are damaged, the buyer will be asked to file an insurance claim with the carrier. You must maintain the goods in the state they arrived in, so that they may be inspected as part of the insurance claims process. If you do not notify SafeTrader within the inspection period, you are assumed to have accepted the goods and the buyer will be refunded, minus the full escrow fee.

New Software
Sofware purchased in the original packaging may only be rejected and returned if the packaging and shrink-wrap is left in its original condition. The removal of any original packaging is deemed wilful damage to the goods. Buyers who remove any original packaging will forfeit their ability to receive a refund.

If you require more information on the buyer process, please refer to the frequently asked questions.